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May 30

It Ain’t What Yer Used To

Those of you who are here regularly will not be surprised that, as CaineĀ and I were discussing #dndnext, reading over the playtest material, we were also actively predicting how we thought it would be received. It dawned on us rather readily that, with the way 4e was marketed to brand new players (making D&D more …

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May 26

#DnDNext: A first glance.

Like many other gaming nerds, I spent Friday morning refreshing my email inbox, and impatiently reading the #dndnext search results on Twitter. Why? Because Wizards of the CoastĀ released the playtest of the next edition of D&D, obviously. What, do you live in Limbo or something? In his two-part post (found here and here), my friend …

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